The smart way to manage equipment

Trackinno is a service that makes managing your commonly used assets a breeze. Just tag your asset with our custom NFC/QR tag and Trackinno is at your service.

How it works

Get the tags

1. Get the tags

2. Label the equipment

3. Register the equipment

4. Trackinno is at your service!

“Tag it to track it!”

Hand drawing a concept about the importance of finding the shortest way to move from point A to point B or finding a simple solution to a problem.


Level up your business by reducing the amount of work, bureaucracy and headache related to equipment management.

User friendly

Trackinno is build with User Experience in the heart. Functionality is always validated by real user feedback.

Real-time statistics

Get precise information about the usage of your assets with intuitive graphs to support decision making.


Timo Ruostila
Jukka Janhunen
Joni Lehtonen
Anni Junnila
Marketing Assistant
Riku Pulliainen
Technical Advisor

Pricing and Trial

We have a simple subscription based pricing model priced by the number of assets that are managed with the service.

We offer a free 30-day trial period. Ask for prices and get started with your Trackinno service trial by scheduling a 20 minute demo.

Let’s have a quick demo session and figure out if Trackinno would be a good fit for you.


Trackinno also collaborates with companies that aim to provide their customers with advanced value added services. Our equipment management cloud service enables white labeling.

Your idea, our product platform – Let’s talk and build something great together!

Schedule a time slot for a quick discussion and let’s get started!