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Trackinno service has been updated on 2.2.2017. A couple of new features were added to the service:

1) View assets by user

Trackinno service now has a handy feature to view what equipment each user has. The feature is found on the right side of Users list. Read more about the feature on our knowledge base.

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2) Usages list on mobile

The Usages list is now enabled on mobile version. Usages can be viewed, created and edited on mobile. You can access the Usages list on the mobile version main menu.


In addition, multiple improvements and fixes have been made based on our user feedback. These include, for example:

1) Ordering lists: New ordering possibilities are added to Assets and Usages lists.
2) Better calendar for setting a time period on mobile: Setting a longer time period on mobile is now made easier with a more versatile calendar view.

You can read the changelog in more detail on our knowledge base. Many thanks to the Trackinno users who have given us feedback!

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