Information for Trackinno Users: Organizations are Now Called Locations

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Trackinno service has been updated on 2.3.2017. In the update, we changed the term Organization.

Organizations are now called Locations

Based on our user feedback we have replaced the term “Organization” with the term “Location”. The reasons for the change were 1) the term Location has the same information content as Organization 2) the term Location is more descriptive word for where assets are held. Locations have a type and they can be hierarchically ordered on the “Location” page, analogously to the previous “Organization” page. Also, assets can be set to Locations, just like it was with Organizations. In the future, the asset’s Holder is selected from either Users or Locations.

We will also make the necessary updates for our user guide as soon as possible.


Other improvements were also released in the service update. You can read about the update in more detail in our changelog.

Thanks to all who gave us feedback!


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