IoT (Internet of Things): Latest News & Articles (Week 27/2017)

Here’s this week’s collection of hand-picked IoT News & Articles. The topics include IoT platforms, future-proofing IoT infrastructure, startups, self-driving cars, and… kangaroos? Well, you’ll find out soon enough.

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Planning for the Future


‣ What to Consider When Choosing an IoT Platform?

In his article about IoT platformsChris Penrose emphasizes the importance of thinking ahead when selecting an IoT platform:

With 85% of global organizations considering an IoT strategy, businesses need to build on a foundation that supports long-term growth. This starts by choosing the right IoT platform to deliver business value today — and in the future.

Usually, IoT projects start small (with a proof-of-concept etc.) but after the use case has been validated, the platform has to be able to scale fast.

In the article, Penrose lists six things to consider when choosing IoT platform. These include, for example, connectivity, data management, and security.

Read the full article “IoT platforms: Building a foundation for the future” at

‣ Future-Proofing IoT Infrastructure

The fast evolving nature of IoT technologies and solutions presents a dilemma for buyers. Even though many advantages can be achieved with IoT solutions bought today, buyers have to deal with the risk of solutions facing obsolescence in the (near) future.

In this article, Benson Chan writes about future-proofing your IoT infrastructure:

Future-proofing is a solution lifecycle management strategy. It is a continuous process to maximize solution flexibility and options, while making deliberate choices and managing risk.

The article describes a three-step process to future-proof your IoT infrastructure and how to deal with obsolescence.

Read the full article “How to Future-Proof Your IoT Infrastructure Investment” at



Light bulb

‣ How to Succeed in the IoT Space as a Startup

Here’s a nice article written by Maciej Kranz who gives guidance for small businesses on how to make it in the IoT field. Here’s the first tip:

––my first guidance to startups is to make sure you have a deep understanding of your customer’s industry, priorities and business challenges. And specifically, you need to understand your customer’s role within the company.

Read the full article “How Startups Can Be Invited to the Big IoT Party” at


Self-Driving Cars & Kangaroos


‣ Unexpected Challenges: Volvo’s Self-Driving Technology Confused by Kangaroos

According to this article by Ryan Daws, Volvo’s self-driving technology is facing unexpected challenges caused by hopping kangaroos:

Volvo has been testing its self-driving technology in Australia since October 2015 but the unique way in which kangaroos move is confusing the “Large Animal Detection” feature.

In order to avoid colliding with kangaroos, Volvo has sent its safety experts to study their roadside behavior.

Read the full article “Kangaroos are confusing Volvo’s self-driving technology” at


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