IoT (Internet of Things): Latest News & Articles (Week 29/2017)

Here are this week’s hand-picked IoT News & Articles. Topics include the dawn of a “hardware renaissance”, a couple of IoT surveys, and soft fabric sensors.

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‣ Hardware renaissance

Vishnu Andhare predicts in his article, that we are at the dawn of a “hardware renaissance”. For many years now, the attention has been on software, which, according to Andhare, is about to change. Thanks to IoT industry, the underlaying hardware is starting to get much more attention.

While apps have been the sexier story in recent years, hardware is still exciting because, unless we live in the Matrix, we still need physical technology to interface with the world. Hardware startups are now looking like the software startups of the previous digital age — with the power to likewise eat the world.

Read the full article “Is IoT taking us back to the garage? The ‘hardware renaissance'” at



‣ IoT in facility management

According to a recent survey commissioned by Schneider Electric, facility managers are actively exploring IoT possibilities, such as intelligent analytics, to improve the performance of the buildings they manage. Some 300 US-based facility managers were polled in the study.

In his news article about the study, Nicholas Fearn writes:

The vast majority (90 percent) of facility managers questioned said they expect to see connected systems improving smart, productive and profitable operations while delivering better value and sustainability.

However, only 15 % of the managers said they fully utilize predictive maintenance tools and 50 % categorized themselves as reactive rather than proactive.

Read the full article “Survey: Facilities managers look to IoT for building performance boost” at

‣ IoT now the lead technology in digital transformation

Stuart Corner writes about a global survey commissioned by Inmarsat, a satellite operator. According to the study, IoT is now the ‘top driver’ of digital transformation and the first priority for 92 % of organizations.

The study, which focussed on enterprise applications of IoT, also found machine learning (38 percent of respondents, robotics (35 per cent), and 3D printing (31 percent) to be key requirements for effectively delivering digital transformation for business.

Read the full article “IoT now the ‘top driver’ of digital transformation” at



‣ Weaving stretchable sensors into clothes

Combining clothing and IoT is challenging: it’s difficult to make electronics that can survive all the wearing, washing, folding, etc. Now, Harvard’s Wyss Institute has developed a layering method to make soft fabric sensors.

How does it work? Devin Coldewey describes the principles in his article like this:

It’s quite basic, in a way: a material sandwich with layers of conductive fabric above and below a filling of silicone. When the fabric stretches, the silicone gets thinner and the conductive layers get closer together, changing their capacitance and producing a different electrical signal.

The method is introduced in more detail in the video below.

Read the full article “These stretchy, durable sensors could be woven right into clothing” at


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