Delete: More Efficient Emptying of Wells with the Help of Trackinno

Delete needed a solution for making the job of emptying rainwater drains easier and more efficient. The maintenance management software co-developed with Trackinno has brought efficiency to the company’s operations, increased job satisfaction and decreased the need for active employee management.

Challenges in emptying rainwater drains

Tapio Helmimäki, Regional Manager at Delete Finland Oy, is responsible for the business segment of Cleaning Services in Inland Finland. “I’m responsible for profitability and I communicate with our clients. I make sure that work is done as agreed, and try to develop new ways to make our operations more efficient and the job easier for our employees,” Helmimäki explains. “Our goal is to be the safest and the most efficient operator in environmental services for our clients.”

The task of emptying rainwater drains demanded an easier and more efficient approach. “To serve housing companies, service companies order emptying of wells from us. The information of the properties is sent to us in various forms: email, PDF file, Word document or handwritten list, for example. The information was very hard to combine, which caused a lot of inefficiency to the operative work. For example, if there were buildings belonging to five different service companies on a certain street, we practically had to visit the street five times,” Helmimäki describes. “In addition, invoicing was very worksome, because everything was done manually. We thought that in this world of digitalization we should come up with something else.”

From ideas to a working solution

Dan-Olof Palm worked as Sales and Development Manager at Delete Cleaning Services until the end of last year. He was involved with the project from the start when the collaboration with Trackinno began. “When I met Trackinno for the first time, I was introduced to their existing product. However, the solution shaped towards our use case of emptying wells little by little.”

Palm, who now works as Sales and Marketing Manager at Delete Finland Oy, justifies starting collaboration with Trackinno as follows: “When it comes to projects relating to digitalization, there are always two aspects that we consider. The first one is how we can produce customer value with new technologies and systems. Another important aspect is making internal operations more efficient. We saw that we could tackle both aspects in this project.”

Trackinno listened to our needs and customized their platform according to our requirements. There’s nothing negative to say.

Dan-Olof Palm
Sales and Marketing Manager, Delete Finland Oy

Helmimäki joined the project as the development of the maintenance management software began, and the resulting solution was achieved in close collaboration. “The base of the solution came from Trackinno. We started to brainstorm ideas about how the product could better serve our needs. Trackinno’s agility quickly ruled out other vendors,” Helmimäki says. “I really appreciate how well Trackinno team understood our needs when we described a problem to them. You could see straight away that ideas started popping into their heads. The collaboration went very well.”

With the help of Trackinno, the information related to the rainwater drains was transformed into digital form. Now the properties are registered into Trackinno maintenance management software and it is marked, how many wells there are in each location. The properties are shown on the map in different colors depending on whether the wells have been emptied or not. “Previously we emptied wells by following different lists. Now we just go through the red dots on the map,” Helmimäki says. “The functionality on the mobile application is made very limited and easy to use for the basic users.”

Improved efficiency and job satisfaction

“The best thing about Trackinno is the ease of use,” says Markus Mäkkeli, employee at Delete Cleaning Services. “The mobile application shows you the nearest property on the map and you also get directions there if necessary. The system cuts out the need of paper and there has been no more misunderstandings about whether a well has been emptied or not, as everything is logged in the same place. The information is also readily available for invoicing, so the whole chain is covered at once.”

“Previously, the managers have decided who takes care of which properties. However, the software became so good that we managed to tackle the transport coordination off the table by accident. Now all the properties are color-coded on the map, and the map view has enabled incredible benefits,” Helmimäki says. “For example, a couple of employees drove to open a blocked sewer and saw on the map that there were a few unemptied wells in the same area. They emptied the wells independently on the same trip. After implementing Trackinno maintenance management software, the need for active employee management has decreased a lot.”

Helmimäki is happy about how positively the employees have reacted to the new system. “It has been nice to notice that the software has had positive effects on employees in every role, whether he/she is a biller, manager or an employee. Everybody thinks Trackinno has made their work easier. It’s the most important goal we wanted to achieve, and as 3 out of 3 user groups are content, we can say the project was very successful.”

Competitive advantage and easy reporting for customers

Both Palm and Helmimäki say the maintenance management software brings significant competitive advantage for Delete, because the employees can empty considerably more wells daily than before. “We believe the competitive advantage will only grow in the future. We are able to empty wells regionally and combine them, which also enables us to drive full loaded trucks to the waste center. Increased efficiency also enhances Delete’s competitiveness in the markets,” Palm comments.

The additional value provided by the system is obvious. The efficiency of our operations has increased so much it reduces the pricing pressure, which in turn brings significant competitive advantage for Delete.

Tapio Helmimäki
Regional Manager, Delete Finland Oy

Also, reporting to customers has become easier with the software’s management tools. “Personally, it felt like winning the lottery when I no longer needed to make excuses for why something hadn’t been done on time. It is much nicer to tell our clients that everything is done, and I can also tell them the exact time when a certain well was emptied. When a client calls, it only takes a couple of minutes to export an up-to-date Excel list about the status of the work,” Helmimäki says.

Thanks to the successful project, Delete plans to continue collaboration with Trackinno. “We will start using the software more extensively, and with a few changes we could also utilize it in industry, for example,” Palm says.

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