R4 Korjausurakointi Oy: With the Help of Trackinno, Time Wasted on Chasing Tools Was Reduced by 99 % at the Office

R4 Korjausurakointi Oy needed a solution for managing commonly used tools. The goal was to find an asset management software easily digested by the whole personnel. After putting Trackinno cloud service to use, the time wasted on searching assets was reduced by 99 % at the office. The company has also been able to reduce renting equipment and the tools have required less maintenance.

Constant phone calls led to a search for an asset management software

R4 Korjausurakointi Oy offers repair and alteration services, and commercial construction. Sales Director and Founder Oskari Lemmetty is, among other things, responsible for the company’s tools. The problem in tool management was recurring searching for equipment. “The tools were spread around and nobody knew where they were. The number of phone calls that followed was terrible: it could waste an hour of one’s workday as we tried to find out where a specific device was,” Lemmetty explains. “Even though our warehouse is nearby, no-one has the time to go there many times a day.”

Because of these challenges, R4 Korjausurakointi Oy started to look for a solution for tool management. User-friendliness and clearness of the user interface were the key criteria in selecting the software because the company has employees from 18-year-olds to almost 60-year-olds. “If we had an asset management software in place, but somebody wouldn’t use it, it would be a waste of time,” Lemmetty says. The goal was to find an asset management software that is easy for every employee to digest.

In addition to Trackinno, the company was also considering another asset management software. “In my opinion, it was much more complicated than Trackinno,” Lemmetty says. Lemmetty found Trackinno as he was searching for a solution on the Internet. “The software seemed very clear and user-friendly based on the website.”

Information of tools into a cloud service accessible by the whole personnel

R4 Korjausurakointi Oy decided to deploy Trackinno immediately after the product presentation. In addition to the user-friendliness of the software, the decision was affected by the fact that Trackinno Oy is a young company. “Because Trackinno Oy is a relatively young company, we had in our minds that our needs will more likely be listened to. As the software is still being developed, it might be possible to take part in the development,” Oskari Lemmetty says. This prediction has also come true. “Our wishes are listened to and taken as noteworthy development ideas. Every idea is always looked into.”

In the deployment of the software, the company’s tools were labeled with Trackinno’s QR code/NFC tags, which act as links between the physical tools and their information in the cloud service. Now the check in/out events can easily be recorded by scanning a tag with a mobile phone. Also, an overview of the whole equipment base is readily available in the software’s desktop version and the software has handy search tools.

According to Lemmetty, the most challenging part of the deployment was to find the time for labeling and registering the equipment. “It was the most time-consuming part, but when we found the time, it only took a couple of days. In that sense, the deployment was very simple.” At the moment the company has registered about 200 tools to Trackinno, and the software is used by the whole personnel including management and office staff.

Time wasted on chasing tools reduced by 99 % at the office

After the deployment of Trackinno, the time wasted on chasing assets has reduced significantly at R4 Korjausurakointi Oy. “It has reduced by 99 % at least here at the office,” Oskari Lemmetty says.

The time wasted on chasing assets has also reduced significantly on-site because the employees can check which tool is used by whom directly in the mobile application. This makes it possible to call the right person right away, and no unnecessary middlemen are needed. “Previously every inquiry was passed through the management or someone at the office, who had even less information at hand than the people on-site. The unnecessary searching and calling have stopped.”

Now we know where our tools are. Previously every inquiry was passed through the management or someone at the office, who had even less information at hand than the people on-site. The unnecessary searching and calling have stopped.

Oskari Lemmetty
Sales Director, R4 Korjausurakointi Oy

Renting equipment and need for maintenance reduced

The use of Trackinno has also brought competitive advantage to R4 Korjausurakointi Oy. “The competitive advantage comes from that we don’t need to rent equipment so often. In other words, we have been able to optimize equipment’s usage rate. In addition, we can now make better investment decisions based on usage data. For example, if we notice that our nail guns are always in use, we can more easily make decisions about buying new ones,” Oskari Lemmetty says.

The use of the service has also had a positive impact on the condition of the tools, and the equipment has needed maintenance less often. “I would claim that our tools are in better condition than before. When everyone borrows tools under their own name, they probably can’t bring themselves to return the tools in a crappy condition,” Lemmetty thinks.

In addition, the software has made managing e.g. calibration dates easier because the information isn’t searched for in piles of paper anymore. “Our lasers and moisture meters must be calibrated at specific intervals, and now the dates can be checked in the service.” For example, calibration certificates have also been imported to the service as attachments.

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R4 Korjausurakointi Oy is a full service construction company founded by five construction professionals in 2015. The company has specialized in repair and alteration services, commercial construction, and construction services that are implemented in challenging environments among the customer’s own business.

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