Automate and increase the effectiveness of your business with indoor positioning

No more searching or incorrect entries. With Trackinno’s indoor positioning solution, data about your assets and other targets is automatically kept up to date in a reliable way. Spend less time on repeated inquiries and more time on productive work!

The old way

Old way of managing assets
Old way of managing assets

Chaotic and powerless

Incorrect entries and forgotten items

Searching and investigating

Waste and loss of money

Waste of time, stress and headache

The Trackinno way

Easy to use and effective

Accurate, real time* records

Data automatically updated

Minimising waste and saving money

More pleasant and productive work

*Positioning accuracy varies from seconds to a few minutes depending on the technology and usage situation.

An indoor positioning system that is not reliant on technology

The Trackinno system combines new indoor positioning technologies in one easy to use tool. Our solutions vary from zone-based positioning to high accuracy positioning.

We select the most suitable technologies for each usage situation depending on the customer’s needs.

High accuracy positioning (< 1m)
Zone-based positioning (3-30m)
High accuracy positioning (< 1m)

See the device’s location on a map within centimetres.

Zone-based positioning (3-30m)

See on a map the areas the devices are located in.

Benefits of indoor positioning

The solution enables process optimisation for example by

Analysing routes and turnaround times

Automatic storage balance upkeep

Reduction in repeated inquiries

Data always accessible through an easy to use interface

The opportunity to use Trackinno’s asset management and maintenance management features seamlessly alongside indoor positioning

Popular features

Real time positioning of the tracked item

Review routes and location history

Find the product with a mobile app

Product search through a background system (such as ERP) order number or equivalent

User experiences with Trackinno indoor positioning

The Trackinno indoor positioning system has been developed in close cooperation with our customers.

After implementing the indoor positioning system the locating of the products became significantly easier. We can also track the flow of goods better than before.

Matti Sääskilahti
Supply Center Manager, Neles Oyj

We have used the indoor positioning solution with one of our in-house logistics client. The stored products are found much easier after implementing the solution. The pictures of the products saved to the system bring us added value. We save a significant amount of work hours on a yearly basis and we can serve our client more effectively.

Markku Viljanen
Head of Development, Industry Services, Transval Group

Why use Trackinno indoor positioning?

Easy to implement

Our experts can implement the system at your business in one day. We can organise additional training as required.

Easy to integrate

In most cases integration is not required, since information can be linked to the background system with bar codes. Comprehensive interfaces are available should they be required.

Easy to tailor

Trackinno is a flexible application platform for indoor positioning. The system can be tailored to suit your business needs!

Turnkey solution

We package new technologies selected to suit the individual needs of your business in an easily approachable complete solution.

Pilot of the indoor positioning solution

We provide quotes quickly based on a needs assessment and floor plans. Usage can be implemented in a day.

1. Contact

Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or book a remote meeting directly on our calendar.


We provide quotes based on a needs assessment and floor plans.

3. Pilot

With a limited pilot period we ensure the suitability of the solution and its benefits to your business without commitment.

4. Usage expansion

After a successful pilot it is possible to expand the usage of the solution.

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