IoT solutions for asset tracking

Need real-time information related to your assets?

We offer a solution for your needs utilizing Trackinno platform and the newest IoT technologies.

  • Cost-effective overall solution
  • Updates about specific asset information automatically to the cloud
  • Collected data and asset base status in visual form to support decision making
  • Notifications related to assets automatically based on collected data

Tell us what information you’d like to receive about your assets!

CEO Timo Ruostila’s speech about “Utilizing IoT in Asset Management” at Subcontracting Trade Fair 2017 (Alihankinta-messut). Turn the English subtitles on!



Automatic location data, asset tracing and geofencing solutions.

Usage hours

Automatic tracking of usage hours and notifications about reached threshold values.

Warehouse inventory

Automatic warehouse inventories without any separate inventory events.

Material flows

Automatic tracking and reporting of material flows.

Do you want to own the data and receive IoT solutions as a well-managed overall solution?

How it works

Trackinno IoT – Import asset list

Import asset list

Provide us a list of assets that will be tracked. We import the data to our service.

Trackinno IoT – Get the sensors

Get the sensor devices

We configure and deliver requested amount of sensor devices suitable for your needs.

Trackinno IoT – Register the sensors

Sensor device setup with NFC

Use NFC to select from pre-imported list which asset the sensor is linked to.

Trackinno is at your service!

Automatic asset information is available

Sensor data is available via Trackinno Service and API.

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