Asset and maintenance management software

Trackinno is a flexible platform for asset and maintenance management. It helps you save time and money and access all relevant information anywhere, anytime.

80%* less time spent on recurring tasks

Whether it’s finding the right equipment and documents, reporting maintenance tasks on-site or performing inventory, Trackinno helps you cut down time spent on recurring tasks. Boost efficiency and simplify day-to-day work life with Trackinno!

*According to our customer feedback

The Trackinno way: User-friendly and efficient

Product features

Pick the features you need and we’ll set up your account accordingly. Trackinno also integrates well with other systems.

Trackinno Assets

Trackinno Assets

Time-saving asset management software to help you keep track of your assets and make investment decisions based on asset data.

Popular features

  • Check in / check out
  • Reminders of upcoming due dates
  • Dashboard with visualized statistics
Trackinno Maintenance

Trackinno Maintenance

Maintenance management software to help you schedule and track maintenance tasks and keep historical record of the performed work.

Popular features

  • On-site reporting
  • Task statuses on a map view
  • Maintenance history
Trackinno IoT

Trackinno IoT

IoT-platform that allows you to supercharge asset and maintenance management with automatic sensor data and analytics.

Popular features

  • Automatic location data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Alerts based on data

Testimonials & case studies

Check out what our customers say about us.

  • "We document all the factors of the point-of-care service to Trackinno: devices, device event history, customer contact information, device usage periods, other billable services and our own asset usages. From these factors, we can view information needed in each case."

    Outi Malminiemi Chemist responsible for POC diagnostic methods, Fimlab Laboratoriot Oy
  • "It is truly outdated to communicate via email or Excel that a tool is broken. Trackinno makes communication easy, the service provides visibility and operation is more in control."

    Terhi Korjonen Global Startup Team Manager, Fastems Oy Ab
  • “Trackinno has made my work a lot easier. Now I have time left for other uses than keeping track of where our tools are.”

    Andreas Vepsäläinen Store Manager, Trio
  • “Now we know where our tools are. Previously every inquiry was passed through the management or someone at the office, who had even less information at hand than the people on-site. The unnecessary searching and calling have stopped.”

    Oskari Lemmetty Sales Director, R4 Korjausurakointi Oy
  • “The additional value provided by the system is obvious. The efficiency of our operations has increased so much it reduces the pricing pressure, which in turn brings significant competitive advantage for Delete.”

    Tapio Helmimäki Regional Manager, Delete Finland Oy
  • “Trackinno listened to our needs and customized their platform according to our requirements. There’s nothing negative to say.”

    Dan-Olof Palm Sales and Marketing Manager, Delete Finland Oy

Start managing asset and maintenance related operations faster, smarter and easier

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