About us


Trackinno Oy is a startup company from Tampere, Finland. We have developed a novel web-based solution for problems related to asset management. With Trackinno cloud service, companies and organizations are able to keep track of their assets easily and cost-effectively. Also, information related to the assets (manuals, maintenance dates, etc.) is easily accessed and always available when needed.

Trackinno Oy has roots in Tampere University of Technology since it started originally as a university course project in 2014. Trackinno service’s development began in co-operation with pilot customers to fulfill their needs related to asset management. One of these pilot customers is Fastems Oy, an international supplier of manufacturing systems and robot cells. Since then, Trackinno service has continuously evolved, and the company itself was founded in March 2015. By the end of the year 2015, Trackinno Oy already had five (5) reference customers.

Trackinno Equipment Management Service Wordcloud

Our core values


Less is more. We work with complicated challenges, but we represent them in a simple, understandable way.


Good teamwork is an essential part of meaningful and effective work environment. A good team member is hungry, humble and smart.


We are interested in learning new things, widening our comfort zone and improving ourselves. That is how we provide added value to our customers and interesting challenges to our team members.

Who we are

  • Timo Ruostila
    Timo Ruostila CEO
  • Jukka Janhunen
    Jukka Janhunen Chairman of the Board
  • Joni Lehtonen
    Joni Lehtonen CTO
  • Jusa Hyvärinen
    Jusa Hyvärinen Full Stack Developer
    • Anni Junnila
      Anni Junnila UI Development & Marketing
    • Hannu Kouhia
      Hannu Kouhia Business Development Manager
    • Tiia Marin
      Tiia Marin Finance & Business Operations Specialist

    What we do best

    Trackinno – Great user experience

    User experience

    Trackinno is built with user experience in the heart. ❤ Trackinno aims to reduce your digital strain with simple service design and low threshold support. This will ensure you have the best user experience with us.

    Trackinno – Asset Management

    Asset management

    With Trackinno your asset information is in one place easily available anywhere, anytime. We have gathered best practises in asset management from multiple business domains.

    Trackinno – Awesome support

    Outstanding customer service

    We take excellent care of our customers by providing them with personal and warm customer service. All feedback is always welcome, so let us hear from you!

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